Everything But The Turkey Sandwich

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20 Minutes

1 Servings


A different kind of sandwich for a different kind of Thanksgiving. Try this healthier, gluten-free swap, featuring our BAKED (never fried) Chicken Tenders and Sweet PotaTOASTS!

Dairy-Free Peanut Free


  • green beans, cooked
  • cranberry sauce
  • farro
  • leftover greens, cooked
  • and any other Thanksgiving leftovers

Cooking Instructions

  1. Cook CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders according to packaging.
  2. Cook CAULIPOWER Sweet PotaTOASTS according to packaging.
  3. Add leftovers and Tenders to one of the Sweet PotaTOASTS. Then, top sandwich off with the other.
  4. Cut in half and serve immediately!