Our Mission

Imagine a world in which you could walk down the frozen aisle at the grocery store and choose from countless options of delicious meals that are all better-for-you and still ready in minutes. At CAULIPOWER, our mission is to make this dream a reality. By revolutionizing the use of vegetables in our food, eating healthy no longer has to be a compromise. After all, isn’t it time for there to be one meal option on the table that everyone can share and enjoy?

Now that’s a powerful idea. CAULIPOWERful.

We Believe

In ingredient labels that you can actually read and understand. 

In the power of frozen 

That everyone deserves access to better-for-you foods 

That the freezer aisle should be celebrated - not feared 

In reinventing ‘Friday night indulgences’ so they can be enjoyed any night of the week 

That delicious, better-for-you meals can be ready at the speed of life 

That no one should ever have to choose between taste, health, and convenience.

Join the VEGolution!

A Note From Gail

CAULIPOWER was born on a Pinterest fail. Really. As the mom of two boys with Celiac - an autoimmune disease leaving their bodies unable to process gluten - I tried desperately to find nutritious, gluten-free options that weren’t filled with fat, sugar, salt and calories.

Frustrated, I turned to a like-minded community of healthy hackers and stumbled upon recipes (lots of them) for cauliflower crust pizza. My creation tasted just fine, but it looked awful, my kitchen was a disaster and I had spent 90 minutes I didn’t have making a pizza crust!

I figured I probably wasn’t alone and, so, left my job to create CAULIPOWER.

To my sons, that generous community and anyone who is looking for better-for-you options that really do taste like our favorite comfort foods - thank you for the inspiration. My hope is that CAULIPOWER allows for more time to enjoy what nourishes you.