Meet Our Frozen Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Say hello to America's #1 cauliflower crust. The OG that started the craze. Made with real cauliflower, perfectly crispy, and so so good, it will leave everyone at the dinner table asking, “Wait...this is made with cauliflower?!”

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Made For Your Inner Chef (Or Lack Thereof)

Our frozen cauliflower pizza crusts are free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and are naturally gluten-free, making them the perfect blank canvas for your fresh culinary masterpiece — or even last night's tasty leftovers.

The Chameleon of Cauliflower Crusts

Our frozen cauliflower pizza crust is way more than just that. Top it with pesto, cherry tomatoes, and avocado for a dairy-free pizza delight. Slice it and spice it to create a ‘flatbread’. Bake it as the crust for your ‘apple pie. Cut it into fun shapes and serve as a ‘cookie’. Finally, there’s a crust that can really do it all.