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CAULIPOWER® Launches Game-Changing, Better-For-You Frozen Chicken Tenders

June 20, 2019

The makers of CAULIPOWER®, America's #1 better-for-you pizza, today announced the launch of CAULIPOWER frozen chicken tenders, available in Original and Spicy(ish) onto the $1.15 billionU.S. market for breaded chicken tenders, strips, and nuggets1.

Arriving in stores nationwide in the fall, the latest meal hack from CAULIPOWER will be the only baked not fried chicken tenders available at retail1, dramatically improving the nutritional profile of one of America's favorite comfort foods. The golden, crispy coating is veggie-forward, packed with cauliflower and other gluten-free goodness, and contains no artificial ingredients. CAULIPOWER chicken tenders have category-busting nutritionals: the entire 14oz. bag is only 480 calories with thelowest fat (86% less) and least calories (46% less) of all sixty products in the natural and MULO2channels1. They also have zero saturated fat, no added sugar, 30% fewer net carbs, 22% more protein, and 21% more fiber than the category average1. The tenders are made from NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken rated Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 that's all-natural3, raised with no antibiotics ever, and are cage-free.

"We are bringing another long-overdue game changer to the frozen aisle," said Gail Becker, CAULIPOWER Founder and CEO. "The evidence that people want healthier coated and baked chicken tenders is already all-over social media. So, we listened and our newest CAULIPOWER meal hack was born."

CAULIPOWER will debut its latest innovation at the Specialty Food Association's Summer Fancy Food Show held Sunday, June 23 through Tuesday, June 25, at New York City's Javits Center (booth #2545). Attendees can also sample CAULIPOWER pizzas and tortillas, which launched earlier this year.

CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders come in a resealable pack and will be available at over 4,200 selected national and regional retailers in September, just in time for back-to-school. The MSRP is between $8.99 to $9.99. Consumers can sign up at to be notified when they hit local freezer aisles.

"Like our pizzas, CAULIPOWER's better-for-you chicken tenders are for everyone. They taste so good, but you won't have to feel guilty about sneaking these off your kids' plates," said Becker.

The chicken tenders join CAULIPOWER's suite of products, which includes frozen cauliflower crust pizzas (Margherita, Three Cheese, Veggie, All-Natural Uncured Turkey Pepperoni, Plain Crust, and Paleo Crust), CAULIPOWER Tortillas (Original and Grain-Free) and its SweetPotaTOASTS® (Original and Sea Salt & Olive Oil).

CAULIPOWER is driving more than 50% of the growth across the entire frozen pizza category (worth $5.4 billion). Of the more than 500 pizza brands at retail, CAULIPOWER is the eighth best-selling brand in America4, and the only "better-for-you" pizza in the top ten. CAULIPOWER took 2% of the U.S. frozen pizza market in just two years, demonstrating consumers' hunger for innovation in the freezer section and desire for CAULIPOWER to continue introducing veggie-forward meal hacks for some of America's favorite comfort foods.

About CAULIPOWER CAULIPOWER® is on a mission to re-invent your favorite comfort foods, one healthy meal hack at a time. CAULIPOWER's first meal hack, cauliflower-crust pizza, created a white-hot category in 2017. Today CAULIPOWER is the #1 better-for-you pizza, #1 cauliflower crust pizza, #1 gluten-free pizza, and fastest growing frozen pizza brand in the U.S. Founder, CEO, and mother of two sons with Celiac Disease, Gail Becker, set out to innovate the frozen food aisle and left a global executive position to launch the company in 2016. Today it remains her mission to eliminate the need for consumers to choose between taste, convenience, and health. CAULIPOWER is brought to you by Vegolutionary Foods, a company of "never-been-dones", inspired by what people want. Every CAULIPOWER purchase benefits OneSun, a program installing edible teaching gardens in underserved public schools. Find CAULIPOWER in one of 25,000 retailers across the U.S. and Canada. Get recipe inspiration at or join the @CAULIPOWERED community on social media.

About NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken Since 2017, NAKED TRUTH Premium Chicken has offered an all-natural3, quality taste experience with verified care practices behind every delicious bite. Products are Global Animal Partnership Step 2 Rated; which means added animal care practices that consumers seek around lighting, enrichments, and density in chicken houses. With no antibiotics ever and a vegetable- and grain-based diet, the brand was developed to meet the needs of conscious consumers who want to know, with 100% confidence, that there's care and integrity behind the chicken on their plates.

About Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Global Animal Partnership is one of the largest animal welfare certification labeling programs in North America. We set the standard for how farm animals are raised - positively impacting 290+ million farm animals each year through our 5-Step® Animal Welfare Certification Program. Our labels provide consumers an easy way to identify how animals were raised while also allowing for continuous improvement on-farm. GAP ensures our farm animal welfare standards are being met on every farm – not just a sample. This level of detail is important to us, so when consumers see our label, they feel good about the meat they eat.

1 SPINS frozen, breaded tenders, strips, and nuggets, total US, 52 WE, 3/24/2019
2 MULO = Multi-outlet
3 Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.
4 SPINS frozen pizzas and frozen pizza crust & focaccia, total US, 12 WE, 5/19/2019