Press Release

CAULIPOWER Ready-to-Cook Cauliflower-Crust Pizzas Going Nationwide Due to Popular Demand

June 1, 2017

CAULIPOWER, the innovator of convenient, nutritious and delicious cauliflower-based foods for all and the first frozen cauliflower-crust pizza, will vastly expand availability of its ready-to-use line of cauliflower-crust pizzas to retailers nationwide starting today.

CAULIPOWER will roll out in well over a thousand stores this summer including, but not limited to: Acme, Advantage Nutrition, Albertsons, Amigos, Angelo Caputo's Fresh Markets, Barons Market, Central Markets, Clark's Markets, Clements' Marketplace, Dan's Fresh Produce, Draeger's Market, Gelson's, Giant-Carlisle, Haggen, Harris Teeter, Hugo's Family Marketplace, Kings Food Markets, Lynn's Dakotamart, Market Street, Meijer, Mollie Stone's Markets, MOM's Organic Market, New Leaf Community Markets, Rouses Supermarkets, Safeway, Shaw's and Star Market, ShopRite, Strictly Gluten Free, Tom Thumb, United, Vons, Wegmans, Woodman's Foods and many more.

In February 2017, CAULIPOWER launched in 30 Whole Foods Markets in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii and Bristol Farms, as well as Inspired by social media-generated recipes for cauliflower-based alternatives that took too much time, money and mess to be accessible for most people, CAULIPOWER gained rapid popularity in test markets, leading to national expansion in the four months after launch. While tasting like conventional pizza recipes, CAULIPOWER is a healthy way for anyone to indulge in favorite comfort foods; compared to traditional and gluten-free pizza options, CAULIPOWER is lower in calories, sugar, fat, and sodium and higher in protein, fiber, and vitamins, while being naturally nutrient-rich and gluten-free.

"For many families, meals are often divided by individual diets, tastes, and food restrictions," said Gail Becker, founder and CEO of CAULIPOWER. "Through this expansion, CAULIPOWER can now give more people the chance to share from the same plate again, saving time, adding nutrition and turning a challenging social media phenomenon into an accessible reality."

In an effort to educate kids, combat obesity and inspire a new generation to love vegetables, CAULIPOWER proudly supports OneSun, a program planting teaching gardens in underserved public schools across the country.


CAULIPOWER reinvents our favorite foods to be naturally nutritious, righteously delicious and accessible to all. CAULIPOWER products use cauliflower, not highly processed synthetics, resulting in nutrient-rich, naturally gluten-free options lower in calories, sugar, sodium and fat than traditional offerings. CAULIPOWER is innovating a new market category, making convenient options that taste like conventional recipes available and easy for mainstream grocery shoppers.

Former Edelman President, Gail Becker, launched the company in February 2017 with an introductory line of frozen pizzas and crusts – that will save time for all. CAULIPOWER proudly supports OneSun, a program creating edible gardens at underserved schools across the country to educate kids on where their food comes from, combat obesity and inspire a new generation to love and harvest vegetables.