Your 2018 Greatest Hits (Thank You!)

January 4, 2019
Superfan Love Fest

YOU elected the unofficial President of the CAULIPOWER fan club by sharing her video (and journey with celiac).

Antoinette sent a hand-written note expressing her heart-felt gratitude for our pizza, allowing her to get back to her Italian foodie roots at the age of 98! And the rest is history: WATCH

YOU drove miles to find us (before your requests got us into 15,000+ stores nationwide!):

YOU braved the aisles with your littles to get your fix (and created tiny superfans in the process):

YOU taught us that fruit is a totally amazing pizza topping (except pineapple):

​YOU veg'd out with us during our first-ever Food Truck Tour:

YOU taught us the true meaning of self care:​

180,000 of you gave us 180,000 reasons to love 2018. So to kick off this new year right, and to thank you for being a super fan, we're gonna sprinkle surprise gifts on Facebook and Instagram all month long. Be sure you're following us. And just keep doing you – sharing those busy weeknight meals, build-your-own pizza nights, and all the other times you choose us for life's special moments.

We'll take our 2019 with extra cheese :)