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What Does Your Pizza Dip Preference Say About You?

April 13, 2018
What Does Your Pizza Dip Preference Say About You?

If you dip, you're probably passionate about what you dip into. So do the dunk and check out your pizza dip personality. Maybe it will inspire you to venture into un-dipped territory and discover something new!


RANCH - You're a people-pleaser, but you're not afraid to stir the pot. Ranch goes great with other prime-time party foods, so what's not to love? It's likeability factor makes it a great go-to, much like your approachable nature, however, this rich and creamy dip keeps things interesting – it might be the most contested pairing since pineapple and pizza!

SRIRACHA/HOT SAUCE - Obviously, you have an edge to you, but sass aside, you actually have a surprising penchant for life hacks. Rather than sprinkling your pie with red pepper flakes, you know you would get a spicier burst of flavor by submerging your slices in liquid heat. We bet you also fold your slices in half, too. And as someone who truly lives life on the veg, we bet you're not scared to double down with our jalapeno-packed Mexi-Cauli Dreamin' Pizza.

KETCHUP - What's your favorite kind of party? A pizza party, of course! You don't take yourself too seriously, and you love anything playful – especially when there's a touch of nostalgia. Like your childhood best friend, this quintessential condiment is equal parts fun and dependable. And ketchup's always will to come out and play!

HONEY - You're a trend-setter, but a practical one. When people see you dipping your pie in sweet nectar, they'll do a double take and wonder why they haven't been doing this all along. You have an eye for which fads are made to stick, much like how you introduced the sweet and savory combo we never knew we needed. Pure honey can also provide just as many potential health benefits as your cauliflower crust. Manuka honey, like Comvita or Manuka Health, may assist with bacteria-related digestive disorders, like acid reflux or IBS, and may even boost immunity!

GARLIC BUTTER - The perfect night for you consists of a snuggie, a binge-worthy TV show, and a pizza. Comfort, coziness, and CAULIPOWER are your passions. That's why this familiar classic never disappoints. And don't forget the heart health benefits associated with everyone's favorite breath-buster! And because making your own is so easy (it's just butter mixed with minced garlic), you'll save precious moments for Netflix. For a truly stinky movie night pair, try dipping the 'Our Love Goes Onion On' Pizza.

NO DIP - Perhaps the freest spirit on this list. You can't be bothered with picking a favorite dip because you won't settle on just one. You'll try anything once... but that's probably it. The only constant is your love for pizza!

However you dip, be sure to make a mess, have fun, and stay open to the pizzabilities of stepping outside your comfort zone. Grab a smattering of better-for-you dips at Thrive Market, like our faves from Primal Kitchen, and make everyone of your pizza personalities a guilt-free one!