Team Gluten-Free: Let’s Talk Turkey... Pepperoni

November 3, 2018
Turkey Trot

Bird on the street, there's a new pie in town...

In the spirit of holiday giving, gluten-free advocacy, and all things turkey, we're excited to unveil a poultry-licious pie that is guaranteed to have you gobbling up leftovers –– if you can manage to save any.

Everyone loved our traditional pepp so much that we decided to make it leaner, meaner, and downright cheesier. That's right, folks, our All Natural Uncured Turkey Pepperoni Cauliflower Crust Pizza is trotting its way to a grocery store near you! We're squawking less fat, sodium, and calories than our pork-based alternative with an extra protein punch and the same great gluten-free taste.

Hungry? We thought so.

Find it in select retailers now with many more coming this winter: