Summer Hacks

Summer Hacks for Extra Fun in the Sun

June 6, 2019
Summer Hacks for Extra Fun in the Sun

CAULIPOWER was born when we turned a Pinterest idea into a time-saving, healthy meal hack anyone can do - so it’s safe to say that we’re pretty into making people’s lives easier so you can have more time for the people, flavors and things you love. Hacks are kind of our thing.

With Summer just around the corner, fun with family and friends is about to get a major boost. We thought we could be of assistance in making sure you get the most out of every sunny day. Read on for recipes ideas, activities for the kiddos and, of course, refreshing cocktail concepts and Summer entertaining secrets.

Time Saving Summer Pizza Creations

Tuscan Summer Pizza

Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re in Tuscany. Fragrant, nutty pesto, sun-dried tomato, tangy goat cheese and rich, velvety prosciutto pair perfectly with an ice cold Italian wine (and lemonade for the little ones). Bonus points for firing up the grill and kicking this pie up a notch. Thanks for the inspo @aducksoven


Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

A crowdpleaser by @poppyseedstyle the whole family will fawn over. Whether baked or hot off the grill, this is a creamy Summer comfort food that’s extra simple to make and guaranteed to feed the troops. Add a little hot sauce to take it over the edge.


Kid-Friendly DIY Pizza Station

What’s the only thing kids like more than pizza? Topping their personal masterpizzas at a make-your-own pie station.

📷: @jamieganey


Just lay out a generous spread of creative, summery toppings on a folding table or at the kitchen counter and let their imaginations run wild. Try a trio of sauce options, a few cheese options (you know they’ll use ‘em all), a handful of proteins and veg and a few wild cards (Pirate’s Booty, anyone?). Watch them have a ball, make a mess, bake ‘em up and see their pride at being the youngest pizzaiolo on the block.

SoCal Low-Cal Summer Cocktail
It wouldn’t be Summer without a refreshing adult-bevvy, and this year Gin is in. This super low-cal, extremely refreshing cocktail is like the no-sugar Negroni.

Gin & Soda w/ Lime Bitters: 30% Gin 70% Soda (We like Fever Tree Club Soda). Add two dashes of lime bitters and garnish with a sliver of lime rind.

Super Simple Summer Living Hacks
From picnics to beach days, here are some down ‘n’ dirty ways to keep Summer rolling, stress-free:
- Keep dirt off the picnic blanket by using a fitted sheet with rocks at all four corners
- Koozie Hack: cover bottles and cans with leftover bubble wrap to keep them cold longer
- Vinegar is the best streak free cleaner. Just dilute 1:10 with warm water and wipe away.
- Water balloons make a colder cooler. Just fill and freeze water balloons to keep the fun rolling.
- Don’t fret sunburns. Keep a tray of aloe vera cubes in the freezer to super-soothe the burn.
- Clean grill grates with balled up tinfoil for perfect surfaces before grilling your CAULIPOWER.

Have you discovered any great summer meal hacks or life hacks? Share with us at @CAULIPOWERED on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!