Quick & Healthy Fourth of July Side Dishes

July 4, 2021

The Fourth of July is here and this year it’s a big one. We finally get to spend quality time with loved ones, and freedom from staring at the same walls we’ve been stuck with for so long. And what better way to do that than slathering on the sunscreen, getting friends and family together, and starting your own parade of delicious food favorites everyone loves? Yup, this is the weekend of red, white, and chew (sorry).

Many of you will be firing up the grill (or watching someone else fire it up and cheering them on from the sidelines) and we love that, but a feast of burgers and hot dogs just isn’t complete without the right side dishes. So to make sure your buffet is bountiful we put together a CAULIPOWER recipe round up that will round out whatever you’re grilling.

Chicken Tender Skewers

Start your holiday off right with tasty tenders topped with tangy Buffalo sauce and then taken to the next level by skewering them with plenty of carrots and celery to add some crunchy complexity. Don’t forget to dip them in ranch for a little extra zing.

Roasted Asparagus & Cashew Cheeze Flatbread

Your guests will stand up and salute this super green (asparagus and avocado) topped flatbread that happens to be gluten-free and dairy-free thanks to the cashew-based cheeze spread.

Nacho Average Side Dish for Not Your Average Party

Is there ANYONE who doesn’t like nachos? Doubtful. But get ready to love them even more with our gluten-free take on a universal favorite. The secret? Cauliflower Tortillas and BAKED (never fried) Chicken Tenders. Spice them up with some cilantro, green onions, cumin, and jalapeño peppers and savor the flavorful fireworks in your mouth. Yeah, we just said that.

Cheese Board

A holiday like this deserves a toast. And so does your cheese plate. Instead of the usual crackers to go with your gouda and swaddle your swiss, change things up with the tasty toasts that bring a little extra to any selection of cheeses. Heat up our Sweet PotaTOASTS and let them do the lifting on your next cheese plate.

Noodle Salad

Pasta at a picnic? Absolutely! Think cold noodle dish and then think substituting the usual gluten-packed pasta with our Cauliflower Linguine or Pappardelle. They’re a complete reinvention of pasta, although ironically enough, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

The Classic: Riced Cauliflower

On a holiday this rich in tradition, we have to include one of our favorites: Riced Cauliflower. It’s a simple side dish that’s ready in minutes (no clean up needed) and packs a tasty punch. Honestly, it might even deserve a holiday of its own.

Ice Cream “Sundae”

Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a side, but every 4th of July party needs a sweet dessert and this puts a nutritious spin on an all-time classic. Use CAULIPOWER Plain Crust as a tasty base and add your “sundae” toppings: chocolate sauce, ice cream (we used Enlightened Brownies & Cookie Dough), sprinkles and whipped cream. Are we the only ones who just got hungry?

Hope these help make your holiday a star-spangled spectacular (or just straight up delicious, that’s fine too). Happy Fourth of July!