7 Saucy Facts About America’s Relationship with Pizza

April 25, 2019
Amazing Facts About Americans and Pizza


The survey results are in: Americans relationship with pizza is... wait for it... complicated. Many of us feel a bit guilty about eating pizza at all but the great news is more of us would eat more pizza if only it was healthier. With CAULIPOWER (surprise surprise) you don't have to choose between a healthier lifestyle and eating pizza. You can literally have your pie and eat it. More saucy facts below!


1. It’s safe to say that Americans have a bit of a thannnng for pizza: 98% eat it, with over half admitting they LOVE it.

In fact, 33 million admit that if they had to choose a last meal, it would be pizza.


2. So, it’s no wonder that pizza finds its way onto the plates and into the hearts of Americans quite often! 

Men are more likely than women to eat pizza once a week (if not more often!), and parents are nearly twice as likely as non-parents to dig into pizza at least once a we


3. Pizza even has the potential to mend a broken heart!

40% of Millennials and 30% of Gen Xers say that pizza and ice cream is the food duo they’d indulge in after a breakup.

So, why is 84% of the country thinking about breaking up with their favorite food?

Well, it’s complicated…


4. 26% of Americans agree that pizza is bad for their health.

36% say they are riddled with guilt when they eat food that they know is not healthy.


5. Beyond feeling like it’s an unhealthy meal choice, the guilt trip is even worse.

37% said they would break up with social media for one year if they could eat pizza as often as they like without feeling guilty. And 16% of Americans would even give up sex for a year if they knew they could eat as much pizza as they wanted without feeling guilty (that’s the equivalent of 26 million newly-celibate Americans!).


6. Perhaps this is why nearly half of the country would be willing to give up pizza if trying to eat healthier.

That’s more than those who would put chocolate (42%) or burgers (39%) on the chopping block.


7. But…guess what?! 71% of Americans would actually eat MORE pizza if they knew it was healthier. 

7 in 10 pizza eaters said they would eat more of it if it had half the calories (69%). Other key motivators include: rich in nutrients (45%), more veggies (31%), half the sugar (27%), and being easy to make (21%).


And now it really is better for you, without losing a morsel of flavor. So maybe it's time for America's relationship with pizza, again. Here's where to get delicious 🍕 that ❤️s you back: