Pizza Party in a Box

Obviously You Want to Win a Pizza Party in a Box, But How?

May 16, 2019
Pizza Party in a Box

When you make the #1 Better-For-You Pizza, you get a lot of love from the people who eat it. That’s why we like to show love to our #CAULIPOWERcrew in return. Every week, wonderful superfoodies just like you win serious CAULIPOWER swag, just by sharing their cauli-creations with us.

Our crew is a legit pizza posse, and they come from all walks of life: some are celiac, some are chefs, some keep gluten-free, some like to eat great while trying to eat more healthy, but the one thing they all share is that they’re crazy for our caulipower pizza crust, and they want the world to know.

We live by a code: “to thine own crew be true.” That’s why we’re pumped to reward one hardcore fan – every single week. So join the #CAULIPOWERcrew and get a shout out when you share out. Today, we’re psyched to celebrate our winners to-date. Who knows, you may just get the inside track on how to become the next #CAULIPOWERcrew Pizza Party in a Box winner!

@elisaeatsapizza_said: “New blog up 🍕☝🏼If you’re looking for a #healthy #pizzaalternative - check out my latest review on @caulipowered #pizza! #linkinbio #cauliflowerpizza (that actually tastes good)” – We think so, too, Elisa!

@tinas_story said: “Nothing says "I love you" on #ValentinesDay quite like @caulipowered cauliflower pizza crust made with mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions and heart-shaped ham. ❤❤” – We love you, too, Tina!

@the_rooted_radish said: “Tonight was one of those nights when you only have time for a frozen pizza 🤦🏽‍♀️ But who says you can’t make a frozen pizza healthy and delicious??...The brand I use is: @caulipowered” – Pizza night is the best night. Don’t fight it, Radish.

@hanginwiththecruzcrew said: The Cruz Crew said: “Sisi is taking a sick day from school today but she’s looking forward to some yummy energy from this delicious @caulipowered pizza!” – Get well soon, Sisi! Pizza always helps. 😉

@naturallypoppy said: Tara Lynn said: “...How many hats does a mom wear? I promise you being a stay at home mom is not easy, nothing glamorous or chill over here. I managed to make this incredible Greek style “pizza” and it’s real good. Gluten free cauliflower crust by @caulipowered...Simple, healthy, delicious.” – We think this hat looks good on you, Mom!

@erinfrancesbakes said: Erin said: “You don’t work at a pizzeria for 6 years between college and law school semesters without learning a few tricks 🍕 My version of Mellow Mushroom’s White Pizza meets Pizza Palace’s Greek & Spinach Pizzas...and the crust is @caulipowered cauliflower dough which I actually prefer to glutenous dough.” – Pizzaiola FTW!

@allyveatsinsocal said: “Cauliflower 🍕 the half that is FODMAP modified has @primalkitchenfoods Greek dressing as the base, vegan mozzarella, & crispy bacon. The other side has pesto and goat milk cheese...So easy, so delicious! 😊” – We’re drooling (and blushing)!

@peachyquinoa said: “@caulipowered pizza crust on my weekend menu ALWAYS...I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... if you haven’t tried this crust DO IT. The ingredients are and the crust honestly taste like a good old fashion GLUTEN crust” – We make the dough, but you’re the star of the show!

@foodwithpaige said: “I sprinkled some spinach on top, used a base of tomato sauce, and of course it was on a @caulipowered crust!! #caulipowercrew” – In #CAULIPOWERCrew, you do you. (And we reward it!)

@livelife_ontheveg said: “Pizza party anyone? If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would no doubt be pizza I mean look at these toppings. Used @caulipowered pizza crust then smeared on my homemade pesto recipe & added all the toppings...” – Pizza Party (in a Box) for life, indeed!

@glutenfreeabbey said: “I love @caulipowered gluten-free pizza so today I used their crust to make my own! I added @raoshomemade sauce, shredded mozzarella, spinach, black olives, and red pepper flakes to their cauliflower crust to make this delicious veggie pizza.” – Just what the doctor ordered. So of course we rewarded!

We’re true to the crew, and that means you. So here’s a recap of how you can win a Pizza Party in a Box: Grab a CAULIPOWER pizza or crust, get creative, have fun, share your creations with us by tagging #CAULIPOWERCrew and then experience the glory. Oh, and as always, follow us on Instagram to stay in the know.