New Year, New You, And Pizza

December 22, 2017
New Years Pizza

We've all tried to absorb an evening's bad decisions with a hastily purchased slice of greasy pizza, but have you ever thought pizza could actually be fresh, healthy, and still help you recover from a wild night or an even wilder year?

When you start with CAULIPOWER's real cauliflower base, you've got one superfood down, and plenty of room for creativity (and recovery-boosting vitamins, nutrients, and protein). This year, don't give up on your favorite hangover foods – just clean them up!

1. From Hot Mess to Green Goddess

So, it's Wine Wednesday, and you hit the sauce. But making fresh red sauce for your late night snack seems unfathomable. Stirring crushed tomatoes and spices slowly and meticulously sounds great, right? But what happens when you and your partners in wine smell something burning after your fifth consecutive episode of Black Mirror? Keep the stove and mess out of it, but still get your veggies with a pesto sauce you can blend in advance or (very carefully) prepare in a food processor - no chopping necessary! It's tasty and fragrant with fresh basil, but you can make it with whatever greens you have on hand. Top your pesto pizza with other sprouts, greens, and seeds, and you've basically got salad on a pizza, like this dairy-free Green Goddess pizza from Well and Full. It's a more nutritious way to close out a saucy night in!

Pro tip: If pesto seems like a bridge too far, simply toss all your greens in oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and your signature homemade spice mix to top a cooked pizza.

2. The Good Carbs

You had a deliciously fresh meal, but you woke up feeling less than fresh. Time for another pizza! Reaching for sugary drinks to raise your blood sugar back up is a temporary fix, so opt for complex carbohydrates, like, you guessed it - cauliflower! Grab a ready-to-make CAULIPOWER crust and top with yogurt and plenty of fruit. It makes an appealing breakfast (when your stomach may not be the biggest fan of most foods) and provides the healthy carbs and sugars you need to recover. Bonus: the fiber in the crust and fruits won't just replenish, but even slow the breakdown of sugar - much better than the quick crash after guzzling a Sprite! There are so many surprising fruit combos that make excellent pizzas - check out our Instagram for ideas, like this peachy keen pizza from health guru, @livingwithpie or this berry good option from @glutenfree.followme.


3. Superfood Superwoman

You're feeling better, so now it's a superfood explosion for dinner to get you feeling like maybe it's time for another wine night. Kale, butternut squash, and, of course, cauliflower are great winter veggies that maintain more nutrients while they're in season. Plus, they taste better and cost less at this time of year! You can keep eating pizza in 2018, but seasonal shopping is one of the most delicious ways to nourish your body, helping you effectively kick the habits you turn to when you need a quick boost (or a hangover cure). Print out the recipe below (from @cookathomemom) or prop it up on your iPad and start kale-ing the year with kindness.