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A New Crop Of Fall Pizza Recipes

October 11, 2018
A New Crop Of Fall Pizza Recipes

These pizzas will help you celebrate the best of the season, one healthy ingredient at a time. Stock up on our plain cauliflower crust and get creative:


1. Fun

While fun is an ingredient that's always in season, there's a specific Fall-like fun that evokes romantic nostalgia in all of us. Hay rides, haunted houses, and all. the. apples. Have a little fun with pizza, whether for a spooky soiree or a DIY family night on a regular old Boos-day. This one's truly ghostly, with cheese slices that will get everyone into the spirit (sorry, we had to). Read more about the Muenster Mash Pizza.

2. Butternut Squash

First, let's talk about butternut squash: always living in the shadow of its cute, round cousin, the pumpkin. Did you know the butternut squash has more potassium than even a banana, which means it may help regulate blood pressure? The squat little squash also has about 350% of your recommended daily value of vitamin A in one cup, so it's just as great for your eyesight as the spotlight-stealing carrot. Get ahead of your holiday test kitchen (and honor a truly underappreciated veggie) with this recipe that works for tons of occasions all the way through the year. And if you just can't wait until November, try these other similar pizza recipes for the cauli-days.

3. Cauliflower

So you did spooky, and then you fast-forwarded to the holidays because you just couldn't wait. Now, what about that TV phenomenon that permeates all our fall functions? That's right. Sports! Don't forget that fall isn't all fuzzy slippers and mulled wine - there's a wealth of game day snacks you can create that have seasonal veggies, but all the bar-food flavor they're looking for when snacking and cheering. You can't have a game day gathering without Buffalo Sauce, for example, so we love this buffalo cauliflower pizza (yes, we know it's a lot of cauliflower if you put it on our crust, but hey, you know where you are). Buffalo cauliflower make a tangy, melt-in-your-mouth appetizer all on their own, too! There's also a French-inspired cauliflower on cauliflower pizza in our 12 Days of Pizza collection (again, if you're already dusting off the stockings and untangling sparkly lights).

4. Sweet Potato

Last, but certainly not least - the sweet potato! Our founder's second favorite veggie (have you heard of our newest meal-hack family member, Sweet PotaTOASTS yet?!), this ingredient is actually a superfood, which many folks don't know! It's high in fiber and packed with healthy vitamins and micro-nutrients, so you can't even feel guilty about how silken and creamy it is as a pureed pizza "sauce." Check out this great recipe featuring another superfood, kale. Because what doesn't kale you, makes you stronger - with added vegetable-based nutrition!