Sweet PotaTOASTS

It’s the ‘Toast’ with the Most, We Don’t Mean to Boast

May 30, 2019
Sweet PotaTOASTS

We’re pretty rah-rah when it comes to superfoods. Go, Sweet PotaTOASTS! Our community is going wild for these sweet, savory, mega-versatile, highly evolved toasts. They’re packed with vitamins and fiber. They’re gluten-free, vegan and paleo. They’re quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread.

Superfood superpowers
Wholesome and healthy
Exceptionally versatile
Elevates snacktime
Toast is toast

Space, the final frontier

Paleo friendly
OMG it’s gluten-free
The best thing since sliced bread
An ode to ease
Top it with anything
Open the oven
Amaze your guests
Stuffed with vitamins
Too good to be true
Sweet, sweet spuds, we love you!


There’s nothing Sweet PotaTOASTS can’t do. Ready in just minutes and crammed with wholesome nutrients, they can elevate sweet, savory and umami snacks to pure, healthful magic. They’re nature’s bread. But hey, don’t just take it for face value. Take a look at all of the toasty, roasty, delicious recipes we’ve whipped up to spotlight the spud:


Brie & Cranberry Chia Jam Toasts

This ain’t your basic brie. From @nutritionsqueezed, sweet and tart cranberries and hyper-nutritious chia are accented with thyme to amp up snacktime.

Put the Deli in Delicious Toast

Nobody puts bagel in the corner. That’s why @girlnogluten created a deli delight that’s vegan and delicious. Avocado mash and everything bagel seasoning. Nosh!

Waldorf Chicken Salad Toasts

Chicken salad on Sweet PotaTOASTS? Cluck yeah! This recipe from @chelseyamernutrition has it all and then some.


Try ‘em all and then create your own recipes. If you submit them, we might just feature them!