Sweet PotaTOASTS Cooking Instructions

How to Prepare the World's 1st Superfood Toast in 4 Steps

July 18, 2019
How to Prepare the World's 1st Superfood Toast in 4 Steps

SweetPotaTOASTS are just what they sound like: pre cooked, pre-sliced, ready to make sweet potato slices that can replace bread with wholesome, superfood goodness. Since SweetPotaTOASTS are the world's first superfood toast, how to use them might be a little unfamiliar. So we wanted to make it easy-peasy-from-the-freezy, with succinct, 4-step instructions to go from the freezer section to toasty goodness for any meal, snack or dessert. Let's get started:


1. Remove from freezer
For best results, don’t let your Sweet PotaTOASTS defrost!

2. Cook
Pop these frozen, ready-to-make sweet potato slices into the toaster, toaster oven, or air fryer for 1 - 2 cycles or until heated through.

3. Top
Cool for 1-2 minutes, and top with your favorite sweet or savory flavors such as avocado, hummus, almond butter, or one of the creative ideas below.

4. Enjoy!
Technically, there are only 3 steps between you and your Sweet PotaTOASTS, but we could never downplay the importance of tasting all that deliciousness.


What kinds of toasts have you come up with? Share yours on Instagram and tag @SweetPotaTOASTS - we'd love to see them, and even share your ideas with the community!