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How to Lighten Your Friendsgiving Menu (So You Can Drink More Wine)

November 3, 2018
friendsgiving menu

An important part of Thanksgiving is families coming together. And we don't just mean your blood relatives. Friends are family, too!

In honor of the giving season and the enduring power of friendship, gather your favorite people and celebrate over a delicious home-cooked dinner. We've put together a wholesome 4-course Friendsgiving meal, hacked with simple, lighter takes on classic Thanksgiving favorites, so you don't have to feel guilty about throwing back that second bottle of chianti (because who's really counting, anyway?!).

Snack Attack
We happen to know that a solid cheese dip wins at every holiday party. But for those party-goers who prefer that dairy-free life, we've got a tasty alternative that's guaranteed to please every palate. Avocado Pesto has whipped up a seriously sinful Pumpkin Dip made with rosemary cashew ricotta. Plus, it's gluten-free, paleo, and vegan. Triple score. Serve it up hot for a decadent kickoff to your T-Day celebration.

*Source: @avocadopesto


Side Dish Superstar
Everyone knows the real star of every Friendsgiving table is the side dish. Instead of the routine green bean, mix it up with some flavorful brussels sprouts. These tiny, tasty cabbages are low in calories and high in nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin K, and vitamin C. We're drooling over this simple and delicious 5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts dish from Wry Toast.

Main Course Mashup
Real talk, ya'll: who honestly wants to hassle with thawing, brining, stuffing, and roasting a giant frozen bird when there's wine to be poured and laughs to be shared? Yeah, we feel you. That's why our All-Natural Uncured Turkey Pepperoni Pizza is the perfect main course hack for your Friendsgiving feast. This poultry-licious pie boasts fewer calories, sodium, and fat than our signature classic, not to mention it's packed with a ton of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. Heat it up and serve as is, or get creative and top it like it's hottttt with your fave hearty, fall-inspired ingredients.

Delightful Dessert
There's no better way to wrap up Friendsgiving than with some good ol' fashioned pie (and more wine, obvi)! No matter which way you slice it, you can't escape the fact that pre-packaged pies tend to be higher in fat and calories. Opt for these guilt-free No Bake Pecan Pie Mini Tarts from Evolving Table. These delicious bite-sized treats are vegan, gluten-free, and sans refined sugar. Oh, and did we mention they're super easy to whip up? Get the full recipe here.

*Source: @evolvingtable