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In Honor Of My Father, Thank You To The Families Who Serve

November 2, 2018
Thank You To The Families Who Serve

A note from Gail:

If you told me 2 years ago that today I'd be the CEO of the fastest growing pizza brand in America, I'd have laughed you out of my kitchen. I took a leap from a steady, successful corporate job and gambled my family's entire future on a vegetable. It's been the hardest and most rewarding hustle I've ever known, and I owe it all to my late father. He, in turn, owes it to the U.S. military community.

My dad, was a proud veteran. He came to America from Germany. When he got here, one of the first things he did (one of the first things many immigrants did) was join the Army. After fighting in Korea, he was dropped off in San Francisco. He didn't know anyone there, but he stayed and built a life because of the support of the military community. It was his most important network for the entirety of his life. It was why he wore his camo print 'U.S. Army' baseball cap every day, and in the later years, why he would only go to V.A. hospitals. The honor guard did a flag service for him - for a man they never met - and when Gail went to thank them, they stopped her and very sincerely said “No ma’am, it was our honor."

Like many immigrants, my Dad was an incredibly proud American. He would wake up every morning and say 'God Bless America' then tell me how lucky I was to be born here. This is why it's so important for me to show support to military families and communities –– because of the support it gave my Dad. And for me, there's no moment where families need a little extra help than mealtime.

This is why our partnership with Blue Star Families is so meaningful to me. Blue Star is a nonprofit organization that addresses the unique challenges of military family life. Our goal is to make everyone's favorite family dinner (pizza) healthier, tastier, and easier to get on the table, whether you're 1 parent short or enjoying the time you get together. If you'd like to help us, share your CAULIPOWER mealtime moments on Instagram using #WhatTheBraveCrave, and for every share, we'll donate $1 to Blue Star Families (plus, one person will win a 1-year supply of pizza).

To active and retired military families and veterans, my deepest respect and appreciation goes to you. It's an honor to be at your table.

Thank You To The Families Who Serve