Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

Give Mom a Pizza Your Heart

May 9, 2019
Mother's Day

When we’re trying to show love to the moms, stepmoms, godmoms, solo dads and women who help us become who we are, things can get a little cheesy. So we’re fully embracing it with a Vegolutionary ‘Brunch In Bed’ Guide - #MealHacks that make Mom’s favorite brunchtime flavors easier, tastier and more nutritious.

Get a platter, a single rose or tulip in a vase, and, depending on Mom’s taste, a bellini or a bloody mary (virgin or very much not). Here are 4 morning pizzas and flatbreads so easy the kids can make ‘em. *Mindblowing genius bonus: spell out Mom in toppings.

Sunny Side Up Pizza via @modestmarce

A classy twist on bacon and eggs says rise ‘n’ shine. Starting with our ready-to-use crust, add fresh mozz, spring peas, paper-thin prosciutto and, of course, a perfectly fried egg, because Mom earned it!

Pizza for Breakfast via @katandthegreenstalk

This is the perfect pizza to guarantee an egg-ceptional start to her big day. Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, greens and crumbly goat cheese on our smart cauliflower crust. Pizza is the breakfast of champions, and Mom is a champion by all measures.

Smoked Salmon Pizza via @food_a_love_story

This is one elegant breakfast pizza. The best of the bagel made more nutritious with smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese, capers, dill, red onion and a gentle squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Berry Patch Pizza via @simplybeautifuleating

We all know Mom’s sweet, and they say you are what you eat. Light, bright and nutritious to the core, this pie is sweet and savory in perfect harmony. Delicate blueberries straight from the garden with feta, white cheddar and ricotta.

Extra Credit: A Do-It-Yourself Gift
(That’s right. You’re not off the hook yet!)

No one knows her better than you. Make her something that says ‘I Love You, Mom’. You may not consider yourself an artist, but that’s where the charm comes from. Make a drawing of Mom and stick it on the refrigerator like you (or the kids) did when they were small. Get your hands dirty, but remember the mess is yours to clean up.

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