Game Day

Game Day Pizza Pairings

August 10, 2017
Game Day Pizza

Open the tailgates and seize the snacks! CAULIPOWER's healthy and delicious cauliflower crust pies are the perfect game day grub, whether you're firing up a portable grill in the parking lot or watching Monday night's game in the comfort of your new surround sound.

And the perfect grub needs the perfect beverage to wash it down - that's right, craft beer!

When you snack on CAULIPOWER, you save calories, fat, and sugar, so why not indulge in your fave brew while you cheer (jumping up and down has to burn some calories, too, right?).

Each flavor is inspired by the culinary classics, so we've paired each one with an equally classic style of beer (there are even gluten-free versions of some). And if you're more adventurous with your pizza toppings, you can also grab our plain cauliflower crust and follow your own pizza topping playbook. Some recipe ideas to get you started HERE and HERE. And you can find us in stores near you HERE.

Sip back and enjoy the game!