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Frozen Pizzas May Not Grow on Trees, But...

August 23, 2017
One Sun

Empty calories. That’s what most American children aged 2-18 are eating. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, empty calories from added sugars and solid fats make up a whopping 40% of our kids’ diets.

Instead of healthier alternatives, today’s kids favor snacking on easily available desserts and washing them down with fruit drinks or soda, potentially leading to underdeveloped brains and bodies.

"I understand why a carrot loses out to a chemically laced ‘chip’ every time because junk food is engineered to dominate our children’s taste buds,” says Kelly Meyer, Childhood Health Advocate and Founder of OneSun. “I have seen too many kids in too many schools eating too much junk food because there was no healthy alternative. It is our job to retrain their palates and create and promote products that are healthier choices."

Back when CAULIPOWER was just a sprout of an idea for founder, Gail Becker, she asked Kelly if CAULIPOWER could help fuel a shared mission: to make healthy choices easier for families, starting with educating our children around the science of growing nutritious fruits and veggies. Kelly’s work has led to the creation of nearly 500 edible Teaching Gardens in underserved schools across the country and, now, CAULIPOWER is honored to help create even more.

Today, OneSun programs not only teach kids to grow the vegetables, but also to cook and enjoy the produce they do grow. Infusing health education with the fun of cooking and developing their own recipes is a remarkable way to ensure kids don't just learn to eat right, but that they continue to make positive choices throughout their lives.

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So what exactly does all that have to do with pizza?

When you support CAULIPOWER, you help to combat childhood obesity and lifestyle-related disease, such as Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, one garden at a time. Every pizza you purchase has a purpose and invests in OneSun and a healthy, veggie-loving future for the next generation. Not to mention, CAULIPOWER pizzas are veggie-based, too, so they're packed with nutrients and vitamins and contain less sugar, calories, and fat than other pizzas, making it the perfect after school snack.

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