Food Hacks

Eat Like You Mean It

January 17, 2018
Caulipower Five Food Hacks

We believe every meal is the most important meal of the day, and making it vibrant, nutritious and healthy should never be a burden. More importantly, it should never be boring. It's 2018 - we don't sacrifice flavor for nutrition anymore, even if we're gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo or keto! So, we turned to 5 of our favorite fitness experts for quick and easy ways to lighten up classic dishes with a few simple recipe hacks.

Everybody loves waffles for breakfast and the foodie/fitness experts at Fit Bottomed Eats created the perfect recipe to satisfy your morning cravings, without any of the guilt.

These gluten-free Sweet Potato Pancakes are delicious and packed with protein, so you won't have that afternoon crash. Pro tip: Skip the sugary syrup and try adding a handful of berries on top for a more natural alternative.

If that breakfast didn't satiate your sweet tooth, you'll definitely enjoy this mid-morning pick-me-up courtesy of gluten-free expert and recipe connoisseur, Healthy Gluten-Free Family.

These Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bites are as wholesome as they are delicious. Just five simple ingredients and you have the perfect bite-sized snack for the whole family. Bonus: They're vegan and entirely gluten-free!

By now you're probably thinking there is no way these recipes are healthy, but alas they are! Just wait until you see the next meal we have in store for you. Hint: Mexican.

Mexican food often gets a bad reputation for being greasy and high in calories. Thankfully, our favorite health enthusiast at Leah's Plate is here to provide a delicious vegan alternative to one popular Mexican dish, Quesadillas!

These Grilled Vegetable Hummus Quesadillas are completely cheese-free and highly nutritious. Made with your choice of seasonal vegetables, organic hummus, and whole grain tortillas. Pro tip: Top off your quesadillas with a little homemade guacamole and fresh salsa or keep it on the side as a yummy and colorful dip!

The next recipe is one that really resonates with us because it includes our favorite food group, Cauliflower!

This keto-friendly Cauliflower Fried Rice, from the wellness devotes at B+YND, is perfect for the nights when those take-out menus are calling but you don't want to answer! This flavorful dish is made with cauliflower rice (an idea we can totally get behind), vegetables, your choice of protein, and a light, sinless sauce sweetened with coconut sugar. Pro tip: Skip the sauce all together and add this recipe to your Keto diet!

Alright, so you've eaten healthy ALL day and you'd really hate to ruin that by scarfing down a high-calorie dessert right before you go to bed. So, we looked to our trusty registered dietitian, Melissa Rifkin, for her flawless take on an American classic, the peanut butter cup.

These Paleo Peanut Butter Cups are entirely dairy and gluten-free. Three layers of dark chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel - our mouths are watering just thinking about them!