Sweet PotaTOASTS Recipes

Craveable Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks (at a Price That’s Nice!)

August 1, 2019
Craveable Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks

We know that some of us are more than ready to have the little ones back at their desks (but we won’t name names). But when healthy Summer snacks turn into not-so-healthy after-school treats, how can we keep the kiddos eating smart superfoods without putting more *on our plates*? Humble brag: that’s where Sweet PotaTOASTS come in!

Sweet PotaTOASTS have everything kids love and none of what parents don’t. Packed with vitamin A, B6 and C, and a whole lotta fiber, these sweet, versatile and delectable toasts are just waiting to be toasted, topped and enjoyed. So let us help you teach them how to DIY some awesome, wholesome afternoon snacks with a few simple and addictive recipes *and* a $3 REBATE that shows some love to the purse strings during your back-to-school pinch.


String Cheese & Watermelon Toast

Show ‘em the beauty of sweet and savory in perfect harmony with this fresh (and cheesy) toasted treat.

Hummus Helpers

Let their imaginations run wild with hummus on Sweet PotaTOASTS with a bit of extra character and a LOT of supernutrients! Sweet Tater Toasts With just the right amount of luscious cream cheese and their favorites nuts and berries, this is an opulent (but healthy) after school option.

Sophisticated PB&J

Or is it AB&G?! A bit of healthy almond butter and some fresh, crisp grapes flips ants on a log on its head in a way that kids will go *nuts* over. So go on, teach a kid to fish, and before you know it they’ll be taking snack-making on themselves.

Pecan-do Attitude

This one's great for those busy days when you just can't - you absolutely pe-can! Top your toast with a little cream cheese, fresh blueberries, and pecans. Pro-tip for the sophisticated palate: roast the pecans in a little honey or agave for smoky-sweet depth

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