Six bread-replacing meal hacks with Sweet PotaTOASTS for National Sweet Potato Day

February 22, 2021

New to Sweet PotaTOASTS? Give the boot to bread and say hello to easy and healthy meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. These yummy sweet potato slices toast up nicely and serve as a delicious blank canvas for almost any topping, so that traditional toast can officially be “toast”. CAULIPOWER is passionate about providing healthy options for all types of diets. Whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, or vegetarian, we’ve got something for everyone. Give Sweet PotaTOASTS a try with six easy and diverse recipes that will make your family say, “move over bread!"

Pink Tahini Sweet PotaTOASTS

Looking to incorporate more veggies into your breakfast routine? Try our recipe for Pink Tahini Sweet PotaTOASTS. Simply pop your sweet potato toasts into the oven according to their cooking instructions and whip up the blended pink tahini sauce. Working on your meal prep game? Make the tahini sauce in advance! That way, when you wake up in the morning, you can easily assemble your breakfast toast with berries, coconut shavings, granola, and chia seeds. Swap out the fruit options or toppings for some divine versatility.

Sweet PotaTOASTS Eggs Benedict

Let’s brunch! Whip up a healthier version of a classic breakfast fave with this sweet potato toast eggs benedict. Swap out the english muffin for a sweet potato toast, top with eggs, ham, and hollandaise, and give your breakfast a bit of a health-kick. Pair it with a mimosa and you have yourself an easy, nutritious,
semi-fancy breakfast. What’s not to love?

Sweet PotaTOASTS Ice Cream Sandwich

Almost too heavenly to publish, this real-deal dessert is made with ice cream, maple syrup, and sweet potatoes. (Trust us on this one.) Not only is our recipe for Sweet PotaTOASTS Ice Cream Sandos gluten-free, but it’s also easy to make and can be eaten as a dessert or just a fun afternoon snack.

Pumpkin Spiced "Toast"

We are not pumKIDDING! Our CAULIPOWER recipe for Pumpkin Spiced “Toast” is yummy, versatile, and a great way to curb those pumpkin spiced cravings all year long. Simply prepare your sweet potato toasts according to the package and top with pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, and maple syrup. Do you fancy more toppings in the morning? Go nuts and add your favorite nuts, seeds, or fruit. Now that’s a good way to start the day!

Street Corn-Inspired "Toast"

Enjoy our Mexican street corn-inspired sweet potato toast for lunch, dinner, or a filling snack. Load up your Sweet PotaTOASTS with avocado, roasted corn, cotija cheese, tajin, and fresh cilantro. Feeling spicy? Top ‘em with chipotle mayo or salsa verde!

The UnBRIElievable Cranberry "Toast"

We’ve saved the best for last: CAULIPOWER’s recipe for UnBRIElievable Cranberry Toast! Anytime is the perfect time for this yummy appetizer, snack, or tapas-style meal. Just top your sweet potato toast with thinly sliced brie, cranberry jam, chopped pecans, and rosemary sprigs, and you’ll have a festive, delicious and healthier appetizer all in one bite!

Shop Sweet PotaTOASTS for Tasty, Healthy Meal Ideas

Did you know sweet potato toast - or as we like to call it, Sweet PotaTOASTS - is the first-ever single-ingredient bread replacement? Talk about a tasty way to make healthy meal hacks even easier. Simply swap out any type of bread, bun, or cracker for a sweet potato toast and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Shop our healthy veggie-forward products today!