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6 Healthy Recipes To Sleigh The New Year

December 30, 2020

‘Tis the season to be CAULI. Pi-za-za-za-za-za-za-za-za 🎶.

We all know the holidays are…different this year. Yes, we’re in the middle of some wait-what-just-happened? times. Sure, we’re on our fifth zoom call of the day. And, of course, we’re nine months into switching between business casual day-sweatpants and cozy, comfy, just-as-casual night-sweatpants. Still. It’s the holidays. And some traditions are hard to give up. Like paying extra for rush gift delivery, making lists of resolutions we may or may not keep past January 15th, and, yes, singing Mariah Carey songs (only these days, nobody’s watching so we can be EXTRA loud).

In other words, while this New Year’s Eve zoom party is going to be, let’s be honest, a bit unconventional, our true holiday spirit is still here. And that spirit includes a serious appetite for indulgent New Year’s Eve appetizers, snacks, and all sorts of tasty treats. Which is why our gift to you is a whole slew of delicious, nutritious, and, yep, healthy holiday recipes that are the perfect way to add some extra sugar and spice into this holiday season. So kick back, cue the Mariah, and enjoy!

        Holiday Pizza Cookies

        A surprising (and surprisingly easy) take on everyone’s favorite food – Pizza Cookies. Yup. You read that right. Our amazing gluten-free CAULIPOWER Pizza Crust is topped with unexpected goodies like pine nuts, goat cheese, pomegranate seeds, figs, orange zest, and coconut flakes to create the holiday cookie you never knew you needed. Get the recipe here.

        CAULIday Dessert Tacos

        A present for your tummy and your tastebuds, these tacos are the gift to give yourself. Okay, and the rest of your family. This #TacoTuesday twist is filled with chocolate, berries, gluten-free cookie crumbles, and whipped cream. What's more to love? Nestled in CAULIPOWER Cauliflower Tortillas, these CAULIday Dessert Tacos (see what we did there ;) ) are easy, healthy, and tasty... you might find yourself going back for seconds. Get the recipe here.

        Spiced Cauliflower Tortilla Snowflake Chips

        No matter which CAULiday you’re celebrating, these tasty treats hit the spot. Snowflake-shaped CAULIPOWER Cauliflower Tortillas topped with cloves and cinnamon and paired with Mexican hot chocolate? This holiday recipe might just deserve a holiday of its own! Get the recipe here.

        UnBRIElievable Cranberry Toast

        Sweet potatoes are a holiday favorite, but you’ve never seen (or tasted) them like this. Say hello to the ultimate New Year’s Eve appetizers made with our CAULIPOWER Sweet PotaTOASTS topped with brie slices, cranberry jam, crumbled pecans, and rosemary. Yeah, we’ll say it: They’re unBRIElievable! Get the recipe here.

        S’More Than A Pizza

        Okay, we already hooked you up with a pizza recipe. But you know what you need? S’More pizza! And, you guessed it, this version is chock full of chocolate, marshmallows, and of course, CAULIPOWER Pizza Crust which makes it s’more than just delicious. Get the recipe here.

        CAUL Me Apple Crisp

        You call it a quick and easy recipe. Your loved ones will call it a family favorite. We CAUL it the ultimate Apple Crisp. And guess what? They’re all true. Enjoy this delicious (and healthier) way to finish off the perfect meal. Get the recipe here.

        If you don’t get to all of these healthy holiday recipes by the end of the year, no worries. What could be a better send off for a year like 2020 than starting off 2021 with a line up of healthy and craveable new year's recipes that actually taste like the food you crave - made with the power of veggies!

        Happy New Year!