Sweet PotaTOASTS Recipes

6 Can’t-Miss Meal Hacks Starring Sweet PotaTOASTS

April 18, 2019
Sweet PotaTOAST Recipes

We’re more health and nutrition conscious than ever before. We don’t want empty snacks, and we don’t want every spike in energy to be met with an equally intense energy crash an hour later. We’re grown now; we turn superfoods into the recipes we love, so we can enjoy the best flavors - as our best selves 💪🏽 But at the same time, if those superfoods aren't quick, easy and still super tasty, who are they really for? So let’s talk turkey… and nutella, avocado toast, and supreme nachos. It's time to meal hack your snack!

Anything you can dream up will go perfectly on Sweet PotaTOASTS. Just pop one (or 2 or 3!) out of the freezer and into your toaster, toaster-oven or air fryer and you’re off to something that looks (and tastes) very impressive, but only took minutes to make. These recipes come from the brilliant minds of our community, so here’s some food for thought to get you inspired. Start by checking our store locator to see where to pick up your Sweet PotaTOASTS – we're popping up at new retailers everyday, you can find us at Sprouts (and Target in May), and don’t forget to follow us on @vegolutionaryfoods for all the easy, tasty, superfood toasty goodness.

#1 – The Adult PB&J, via @veg.megs

A nostalgic favorite with a conscious twist. Try adding shredded coconut, chia seeds and fresh fruit to your Sweet PotaTOASTS for a super meal hack snack. Get the recipe.

#2 – The Contempo Canapé, via @IamWellandGood

This Mediterranean-inspired Sweet PotaTOAST will get the entire dinner party hooked on our one ingredient superfood toast replacement. Whipped ricotta, mint and pomegranate seeds – now that’s an app with class. Get the recipe.


#3 – The Smörgåsbord Sampler, via @dietitiandeanna

Can’t make up your mind? Who says you have to? Wanna test the limits of what our Sweet PotaTOASTS can do? Do you. Go hearty with a fried egg and chili flakes or sliced avocado with quinoa and sea salt, or get just a bit naughty and go for peanut butter, banana and chocolate chip. When Sweet PotaTOASTS play host, everyone’s welcome. Get the recipe.


#4 – The Double Rainbow, via @CharlesChenTV

This total knockout covers is packed from tip-to-toe with nutritious deliciousness. Micro-greens, beets, goat cheese, pecans, pomegranate seeds and more. Hit it with some hot sauce and you’ll unlock sweet potato nirvana. We especially like this one after a workout. Get the recipe.


#5 – The Wabi-Sabi, via @AvacadoEats

The best of both worlds on a single plate. In the middle, the sinful: our Sea Salt & Olive Oil Sweet PotaTOASTS with a devilish twist - mashed avo and a hard boiled egg, and on the outside, the divine: honey cinnamon peanut butter with fresh banana. Both so simple and so satisfying. Get the recipe.


#6 – The Nacho Mama's Nachos, via @granolabitez

Gluten, gluttony and guilt-free, this twist on a Tex-Mex classic shows just how super this superfood can be. Sweet PotaTOAST Nachos are meal hacked with ground turkey, chilis, olives, corn and all the trimmings packs a ton of nutrition into a satisfying lunch or dinner. When you’re really hankering for something exciting and wanna feel energized after, this is your go-to. Get the recipe.


Here's a toast to your deliciously healthy life! Get started with Sweet PotaTOASTS, available at Sprouts and coming soon to Target Stores in May!