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5 Ways to Transform Your Thanksgiving Leftovers...into Pizza!

November 17, 2017
Be Left-Over The Top!

Long after the tryptophan wears off, you're probably still sluggishly slinking around the kitchen, hoping you never see another squash again. We hear ya! So we've put together our favorite ways to revise those Turkey Day leftovers – 5 super easy pizzas to avoid flavor fatigue and dazzle the fam with your creativity.


1. From All Sides

If you're reading this, you eat your veggies, and side dishes mean just as much to you as the main event. In fact, if you ask most people for their favorite Thanksgiving dish, they'll likely say cheesy mashed potatoes, green beans amandine, brussels sprouts with maple-glazed bacon, or Aunt Susan's Tuna Surprise (unless the surprise was indigestion). Keep that passion alive by ditching the turkey cold turkey and adding heaping amounts of your favorite side dish to a CAULIPOWER plain crust.

This month, our fans have been busy showing us their fave leftover creations – check out the vegetable extravaganza going on at nutritional science foodie, Natalie Amboyan's Instagram, and the full recipe below. You can also pair it with a statement cheese, like gorgonzola or goat, like healthy mama, Leah, did with her leftover sides.

2. Don't Forget the Cranberry Sauce

The tart co-star to gravy always seems to be an afterthought. Be honest – you have a can-shaped hunk of cranberry sauce you just wish would go away. We're not here to judge, but (1) next year, make real cranberry sauce. It's not hard, and it's way more appetizing than store-bought. (2) Don't be afraid to reuse it, even if it's a solid cylinder – you can mash it up with a fork and mix it with BBQ sauce for a sweet, savory, and entirely unexpected Turkey and Cranberry BBQ Sauce Pizza.


3. Do the Mashed Potato

Now do the twist...with your leftover tates! This Pierogi Pizza is a fun, hybrid meal that's a far cry from the pervasive rosemary potato pizza. It's the potato pizza your family or guests didn't know they needed.


4. Get Your Just Desserts

So, you grabbed one too many cans of pumpkin – it happens to the best of us. Here's how to turn that sad, lonely pumpkin puree into something way cooler than another pie. Grab our plain cauliflower crust, and do the holiday fave justice. There are many ways to spread it, top it, and enjoy a la mode, but here's a decadent, nutty Pumpkin Pie Dessert Pizza you pe-can try.

5. B.Y.O.P.

That's right – a Build-Your-Own Pizza party! Head to the farmer's market for some fresh herbs, grass-fed cheeses, and more seasonal veggies, then let everyone have at it. This is the perfect opportunity for a brunch party – just add cage-free eggs onto each pie about halfway through the cook time and sip a mimosa. Spending time together over delicious food doesn't have to begin and end on Thanksgiving Day!

Don't let the leftovers win. You can do this. And we're here to help. All you need is a crust, some inspiration, and, of course, the quiet fear that washes over you everytime you open the refrigerator and see the Tetris of Tupperware staring back at you.

Best of Cluck to you!