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5 Tips for Foodies for a Healthier, Hackier New Year

December 29, 2018
5 Tips for Foodies for a Healthier, Hackier New Year

1. Lean into Routine

This may sound basic, but a schedule could be your health goals' best friend. No one's day runs as smoothly as their Google calendar suggests, so keep it loose and realistic. Tell yourself that Sunday is when you're going to make a delicious stir-fry that lasts a few days into the week for lighter, nutritious lunches. Loosen up even more with different veggies and flavor combos each week. Here's a head start:

January 6th –– Honey Sriracha Tofu

Source: Pickled Plum


January 13th –– Coconut Shrimp Curry


January 20th –– Chicken + Bok Choy + Turmeric + Coconut Aminos (oh, the antioxidants!)

*Hot tip (literally): You could double your batch of toppings from Tastemade's amazing CAULIPOWER pizza recipe, so it could be a pizza dinner AND a stiry-fry lunch the next day. Here's the video: Honey Sriracha Chicken Pizza (sorry, the giveaway on the post is an old one, but be sure to follow us on Instagram for weekly chances to win pizza!)

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2. Lean into Clean

And we're not talking about clean eating. We literally mean you can clean your way to those health goals. Did you know that you burn up to 150 calories just cleaning your house for 30 minutes? Well, you do! And it's a super efficient way to get some exercise in while you're putting the house back together after all your holiday gatherings. It's also a great place to start the year without burning yourself out too quickly. Escalate your time or try new actual workouts that get a little more aggressive each week. Pace yourself :)


3. Lean on your Family

It takes a village to stay the course on your health goals. So get the whole family involved. Here's a fun activity:

Step #1 –– Make a cute container with a coffee can or mason jar - arts & crafts time!

Step #2 –– Have every family member write down a bunch of different outdoor activity ideas on bits of construction paper.

Step #3 –– Pick one out every weekend to do, rotating who gets to choose each week.

Step #4 –– Have fun family time!

4. Lean away from Fads

There's no replacement for a balanced diet and heart rate-pumping activities that you actually enjoy. Make it all about you in 2019. What do you love? That's what you should eat and do, in moderation (see #2 above).


5. Lean on Us

In December, we celebrated the heroic works of some amazing local charities - and we got you involved to make recipes into #ReciPEACEonEarth. We asked 10 Instagram stars to create healthy, easy recipes for holiday pizza nights and choose a charity they'd be "cooking for." We had our fans "Like" each recipe to decide which charity would get an extra special year's worth of free pizza (they all got $1k to start!). We're so pleased to announce that Thresholds grabbed a year's supply because R.D. Mia Zarlengo made such a stunning pizza (get the recipe here). And all the posts got so many likes, we decided we'd throw in a pizza party for all 10 charities!

January is always about giving things up, but we think it should continue to be about giving, period. So we're thrilled they're fueled to do good works in 2019, and we hope you'll check out Instagram for all the recipes to fuel your healthy dinners all year!

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