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5 Fun Ways You’ve Never Thought Of To Use Sweet PotaTOASTS, Including Sushi (Seriously!)

February 22, 2020
5 Sweet PotatTOASTS Meal Hacks by CAULIPOWER

Mmmmmm, sweet potato toast. Yup, it’s one of our favorite single ingredient bread replacements as well. But it’s not like you can have Sweet PotaTOASTS every single meal, right? Well, good news. We checked the rule book (alright, there’s no rule book but we asked a bunch of our friends) and they all said the same thing: You coooould. But that might get a little boring.

Would it?

Not if you do it the right way. And, of course, the right way is to use our handy Sweet PotaTOASTS weeknight meal hacks to make your SPT all it can be!


Breakfast (Toast) of Champions

This is an easy one. Toast up a couple of slices of Sweet PotaTOASTS, top them with butter and jelly or cream cheese, and you’ve got yourself a delish and easy breakfast. A quick word of warning: Be prepared to do this more than once. You might lose the first few slices when your kids see what you’re making and snatch them out of the toaster faster than you can say Eat your veggies.


Sweet PotaTOASTS Sammies

Okay, they’re all easy ones. But that’s a good thing! Especially when you’re talking about a treat that tastes this good but also (shhhhh…) is an excellent source of vitamin A & C, fiber, vitamin B6, and happens to be gluten-free. Pick a sandwich, any sandwich, and instead of bread, use toasted Sweet PotaTOASTS. Turkey and cheese. Sliced ham. Tuna salad. You probably never even realized there was another level you could take your PB&Js to, but this is it.


Noodle-Free Lasagna

This is an easy one, too. And no, that’s not a typo. You can use Sweet PotaTOASTS to make good old fashioned lasagna. You know how we always say Sweet PotaTOASTS slices are an amazing replacement for bread? Well, they happen to do the same for noodles. Layer the sweet potato slices with sauce and cheese and oregano and bake it all up for a surprising (and healthier) new twist on a family favorite that everyone at the dinner table can enjoy.


Sweet Potato Toast Sushi 🍣

Okay, stick with us here. Sweet PotaTOASTS are probably not the first thing to come to mind when you think of sushi. We get it. But what a great way to add a little crunch to your sushi lunch. Toast a few up, slice them vertically, roll them in rice and nori, and ka-pow! Sweet PotaTOASTS sushi. Trust us, it’ll maki your day.


Oh, There’s More. Sooooo Much

More Dessert anyone? Just kidding. We know the answer is yes. And we’ve got a few thoughts on that as well.

Like Dessert Toast for instance. It’s as simple as drizzling some freshly toasted sweet potato slices with honey. Bonus points if you add cinnamon.

And then there’s this Ice Cream Sandwich – Two crunchy slices of Sweet PotaTOASTS with a layer (or two) of ice cream in between. Add some chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce, strawberries, a little whipped cream, maybe some sprinkles? The possibilities are endless.

Finally, (not really, but we only have so much real estate on this page) may we humbly suggest using Sweet PotaTOASTS to make S’mores. Sure, graham crackers are great, but compared to the sweet, soft-center, crispy-edged experience of a freshly toasted slice of Sweet PotaTOASTS melting your chocolate and marshmallows? No comparison (and no gluten, either ;).


Sweet PotaTOASTS For Life

Of course, you don’t have to eat Sweet PotaTOASTS every night, but isn’t it nice to have the option?

Enjoy these delicious meal hacks!