Meal Hacks

4 Easy Thanksgiving Leftover Meal Hacks Your Family Will Fight Over (In A Good Way)

November 27, 2019

Carved turkey? Check. Crowded table with a busted leg on folding chair? Check. Dinner conversation without heated debates? Well, there’s always next year. In other words, another perfect Thanksgiving is about to be behind us.

What do we do with that fridge full of half-wrapped leftovers, you might ask? Well, rather than reheat the same meal for the next few days (yawn), try these simple meal hacks to liven - and lighten - things up...

1. Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza

This Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza is the perfect way to quickly (and creatively) use up those leftovers and add a better-for-you spin to your fave holiday dishes. Top our Original or Paleo Cauliflower Pizza Crust with sliced turkey, a bit of stuffing, some gravy, and cranberry sauce, and voila! A sweet and savory treat your kids will love to eat - and all you have to do is add toppings and heat.

Click here for the full recipe!

2. Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Wraps

Okay, not really a recipe, more of a post-Thanksgiving-turkey-cauliflower-torilla mash-up, but Turkey Wraps is so much easier to say. Besides, wraps are fun (and soooo much easier to clean up than plates of food)! Chop or shred some of that leftover turkey and wrap it in an Original or Grain-Free Cauliflower Tortilla. Add a few green beans for color and crunch, and maybe even some leftover squash, cranberries, or brussel sprouts to round out your wrap.

3. Thanksgiving Turkey Sliders

Sweet potatoes play a huge part in our Thanksgiving leftover game, but not in the form of the mushy mash you’re used to. Take this superfood a step up with our sweet potato toast sliders: toast up a few slices of Sweet PotaTOASTS, spread on a little gravy (or cranberry sauce since, if you’re like us, there are about 3 bowls of it left in your fridge), top them with turkey – maybe even that small leftover side dish you know you’re going to toss if you don’t find a way to use it - and you’ve got a super-fast superfood slider that won’t stick around super long.

4. Turkey Leftovers Chicken Tenders

(because we can’t look at one more piece of turkey either)

Take a break from turkey with a tasty trade – CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders. An unexpected pairing of crunch and flavors, these baked beauties and their cauliflower-packed coating will add a twist to your leftovers no matter what sides you pair them with.