Trick & Treat

3 Easy Tricks for 1 Healthy Treat

October 16, 2017
Spooky Pizza

We're a long way from kids reaching into a big bowl of cauliflower on Halloween, but making healthy choices just a little bit fun can leave tummies a little less achey on the candy-fueled holiday.

Pizza is a natural choice for cozying up with a scary movie or as a crowd-pleasing appetizer at your costume party. Delivery is the easy answer, when you have fangs to sharpen and a fog machine to dust off, but what about frozen pizza? Just a few hacks with things you may already have in the kitchen, and it will look like you went above and beyond (the grave) to make your party pie the star of everyone's Instagram.

Family and friends will shriek when they find out their savory, boo-tiful pizza is made on a cauliflower crust that cuts sugar (a game changer on Halloween!), as well as calories, fat, and sodium.

Print this out or prop it up on your iPad - it's time for a nutritious, graveyard smash!